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Filtration Process

Nano clay particles form the crux of the Terafil candle. The pores in the candles are smaller than the Nano-sized microbes like bacteria and virus, thus enabling the candles to filter the pathogens in the top layer itself, thus enabling the clean, good water to percolate and pass through it and get dropped in the bottom container.

The capillary holes formed within the candle structure are so complex that it does not allow turbid materials, other waste solids, minerals or metal complexes to flow outside its structure. Therefore, the murky water which also has iron particles and pathogens gets filtered and clean water flows down due to gravitational pull and gets collected in the bottom container.

This technology has enabled us to provide clean drinking water to almost 16000 homes in just one year of operation.

  • Turbidity: Within BIS limit
  • Micro-organisms: Near BIS
  • Arsenic within permissible limits
  • Iron: Within BIS limit
  • pH Limit: Within 1.0
  • Fluoride within permissible limits