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Arsenic Removal Filters

WATSAN in partnership with IITM has introduced Arsenic removal water purfiers based on Nano Micro-filtration Technology.

This Nano based micro fiteration handles both forms of arsenic: arsenite (As3+) and arsenate (As5+) with equal efficiency and doesn’t require any pre-oxidation. The filtration unit is extremely stable, is mounted inside the tank, 100% corrosion resistant, requires no power,easy to install and maintain; only a periodical backwash is required. Media is composed of nanostructured ferric hydroxide granules. Media comes with a life of 2 year and doesn’t require any special treatment before being discarded .

  • As3+ and As5+
  • Home Filters - 15 Litres
  • Community Treatment Plants
  • BIS Standards
  • 200 Litres coconut shaped tanks
  • 1000 & 2500 Litres tanks