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Fluoride Removal Water Filters

Fluoride and Metal Removal system does not need electricity or piped water supply. The only thing required for operation is gravity.

This is a proprietary Nano-absorbent Fluorosorb coated on lime stone and acts as an absorbent of fluoride, which when soaked for 24 hours, makes the water fluoride free.The Fluoride free waters is then passed through TERAFIL filters to remove other water borne contaminations.

The Defluoridation process involves chemisorption process using our specially made absorbent, which is stored in the middle tank as shown in the image below. For ease of handling of the adsorbent, it is packed in porous bags for the treatment process. A residence time of 24 h is to be provided to reduce the fluoride content in the ground water. To minimize operational cost, no agitation system is provided, and the reaction is managed by flow pattern and phase contact.

  • Removes Fluoride
  • Home Filters - 15 Litres
  • Community Treatment Plants
  • Non-alum based
  • 200 Litres coconut shaped tanks
  • 1000 & 2500 Litres tanks