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HouseHold Purifiers

Millions in India grapple with dire health repercussions due to contaminated water sources, particularly in rural regions lacking access to clean water, fostering the spread of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis. The lack of robust water purification systems at home exposes individuals to various contaminants like bacteria, arsenic, fluoride, lead and mercury, jeopardizing public health and hindering national progress. Addressing this critical need, WATSAN Natural Terafil®™ Water purifier emerges as a pioneering solution, championing innovation and dependability in household water purification. Backed by a collaborative effort with esteemed institutions like CSIR-IMMT and CIPET, WATSAN offers affordable, efficient and sustainable purification solutions, ensuring adherence to the highest quality and performance standards. Boasting a commendable track record, WATSAN purifiers have served over 400,000 families across India over 10+ years, testifying to their durability and effectiveness. Recognized for their compliance with IS 10500 standards and efficacy in removing microorganisms, WATSAN purifier for water stands as a beacon of hope in safeguarding public health and promoting societal development.

Natural Terafil®™ Water purifier

Delivering Clean water for 400K + homes

Fluoride Add-on

Enhanced purity meeting ISO standards for Fluoride-free water

Arsenic Add-on

Arsenic Add-on

Assured safety and hygienic water solutions with zero electricity