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Water management Solutions

Water management plays a critical role in ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for communities, households and individuals. Through innovative solutions and sustainable practices, WATSAN purifier for water strives to address water quality challenges, promote conservation and improve public health outcomes.

WATSAN Purifiers

How It Works: The Terafil Purifier utilizes clay and sand sintered in a patented method by IMMT CSIR, forming the CPO Natural Terafil®™ Water Filter, retrofitted into containers designed by CIPET.
  • Nano clay particles in Terafil water purifier candles filter pathogens as their pores are smaller than microbes like bacteria and viruses.

  • Capillary holes within the candle structure prevent turbid materials, waste solids, minerals, and metal complexes from passing through.

  • Murky water with iron particles and pathogens is filtered, clean water collects in the bottom container due to gravitational pull.

Tested for High Water Purity

Quality Certificates

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Why Choose WATSAN?


WATSAN water purifiers offer cost-effective solutions, ensuring access to clean drinking water for all segments of society.

Zero Chemicals

Our purifiers require no chemical additives, ensuring natural and safe water purification.

Zero Electricity

With no reliance on electricity, WATSAN purifiers operate seamlessly even in areas with erratic power supply or no electricity access.

Zero Water Wastage

WATSAN water purifier ensures minimal water wastage, promoting water conservation and sustainability.

Less Maintenance

WATSAN purifiers require minimal maintenance, reducing the burden on users and ensuring long-term performance.